Crown Prince Camel Festival

Crown Prince Camel Festival is the world's largest camel sporting event after over 11,000 camels participated in 787 rounds of competition

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About CPCF

Camels today are still celebrated in Saudi Arabia for their beauty, grace and speed. Even as the country rapidly modernizes, the animals remain a central part of Saudi culture, and a lucrative one, with camel prices reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars and even breaking the $1 million mark. At the Crown Prince Camel Festival 2018, racing began on Aug. 11, with the camel categories Mafarid, Haqqa, Laqaya, Jatha’a, Thanaya, Heil, Zamoul and Soudaniyat all classifying camels according to age, sex, and range of distances covered.

Guinness World Records has announced that it has confirmed that the Crown Prince Camel Festival is the largest camel sports festival in the world.
— Saudi Gazette
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